Fintracker is a digital FINTRAC solution created to reduce wasted paper, time, and money for the real estate industry.

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Simon Fiore

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President, Forward Forms Solutions Inc.

We created this application to help our compliance officers and conveyancing departments with the deficiencies and workload created by Fintrac compliance. Fintracker has given me time to grow my business, look professional and avoid fines from audits for my broker. I am excited to share this tool with my fellow agents across the country! Let’s all get back to building relationships and let Fintracker handle our compliance forms.


Here are a few of the features that Fintracker has to offer.

Instantly fills in 80% of personal information by scanning drivers licences, provincial ID cards, and passports.

Available online and as a mobile App.

Works on any cellphone with a browser.

Completely paperless.

Military grade encryption of all data and transmissions of data.

Files are searchable with proper access for government or other regulatory boards.

Compliant with government FINTRAC regulations and privacy requirements.

All forms are licensed under the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Our Customers Are Seeing Big Results

Everything starts with Fintracker.

Together we can digitize forms and create a more efficient industry.


When you use Fintracker there are a many benefits that help you. Here are a few reasons to use Fintracker.


  • Uninterrupted listing or purchase presentations.
  • Completing forms takes seconds, saving agents' time.
  • Retracting information at first contact.


  • Reduces administration / compliance officer stress.
  • Stores information more securely than current system.
  • Forms submitted prior to receiving offer to purchase or listing contract.


  • Ability to audit remotely.
  • Eliminates errors in submission.
  • Database allows cross-referencing and ability to alert governing body when high risk is detected.
  • All information is secured with military grade encryption.
  • Reduces man hours on audits.


  • One tree = 8,000 pieces of paper.
  • Our research indicates that 30-35 million sheets of paper are wasted annually ONLY for FINTRAC reporting.

Eliminates errors in submission.

Saving time + saving paper = saving money.


All forms are licensed under The Canadian Real Estate Association.


Fintracker is a group of dedicated individuals whose main purpose to create a simplified and elegant approach to improving the FINTRAC experience.