Hear the great things people are saying about Fintracker


"We have been using Fintracker for a few months now. The feedback from agents has been very positive. A vast majority of our clients present their driver's license as a form of ID. The Fintracker app scans the license with ease. The benefits are immediate. As the Compliance Officer, I appreciate having typed forms every time. It's much cleaner and I can reconcile the forms in a quick and efficient manner. Agents love how fast they can perform this part of their job. We have asked all our agents to use the App".

MelodyAnn Thornton and Dale Dyer

"Simply put, WE LOVE Fintracker! It makes our job easier, faster and more accurate. The quick scanning of ID is the way to go when filling in the Fintrac and receipt of funds forms. The APP also reminds you of areas you need to fill in.

You can email the fully completed forms to yourself and your compliance person ensuring that you get paid on that deal. The data is secure and private so there is no need to worry about that. Thanks for making our jobs easier!"

Theron Christianson Photo

"One of the best Apps we have in our Real Estate business. It is also a great environmental App as it saves a lot of trees. I have not used paper , with the exception of a corporation deal, in 2 years. It is also so fast to fill out because of the scanning and leaves a very neat & Clear fintrac form for the conveying people.

They are very happy with this as they can clearly read it now. I also have clients who buy more than one property, so saving me to get their info again. This is great. I think it should be mandatory for all REALTORS® to be using this. Once they fill in a couple , they will not want to go back to paper form."

Linda van der Broek

"Fintracker is one the best things to hit the Real Estate Market! It's quick, it's easy and it's efficient! A simple scan of a driver's license or passport, a few clicks and your client ID is either saved or passed on to your office for processing! Anything to make the paper trail easier is a game changer for me!

Every Broker in Canada should make this APP mandatory for all agents. No more sloppy handwritten forms, and most importantly, no more missed information for administrative staff. No more chasing agents down in order to finalize a file. This is a NO BRAINER!"

Dawn & Lawrence Setter

"This App ROCKS! I now get the forms filled out correctly. Had no idea we were supposed to fill out some of the questions asked. More importantly it gets done! On time and sent to the office for filing with just a click of the button. Really if you're not using this App yet, you're missing out on saving a whack of time not to mention the paper."

Alicia Busch

"We love Fintracker. It's easy to use, professional and reduces the administrative burden on our office. Integrating this app into our company was a no brainer."