Common Questions

My camera is not scanning. What am I doing wrong?

  • Ensure you are scanning the back barcode on licenses or ID cards. Front of passport page with large photo on it.
  • Ensure barcode is clean and not damaged
  • Ensure that you have allowed access to your camera in your settings.
  • Try a different document to rule out a defected document.
  • Some devices require you to scan the ID vertically. Rotate the ID without moving the device.
  • Some devices require you to tap on screen to capture the scan.
  • Trying tapping the screen while in scan mode. 

If these tips do not solve your issue, we will need more information on device make and model and software version.If issue persists please send us a message through the help button or at

Q - How do I delete or edit a form?

A) Our current version does not currently offer edit or delete option. If you require a form deleted/purged, simply send your name, property address and client name to and our team will have the form purged from system.

B) To edit existing form Search previous under individual identification page » select client » recreate form with correction » Submit

Q - Is my clients data secure ?

A - We store all data on a military grade secured servers here in Canada. All data is transmitted with encryption onto servers.

Q - Is storing the data allowed ?

A - We meet all requirements on storing personal information.

Currently the average agent is storing true images of licences, passports and cheque’s and bank drafts on their mobile devices.

Q - Does Fintracker keep a true copy or image of the identification or cheques?

A - Fintracker simply scans the documents and extracts the information required to populate an individual identification form. Choosing a receipt of funds to be added to the transaction will auto populate the receipt form with most data from individual identification form.

Q - How does my office receive the form?

A - There 3 ways to use our Application.

  1. Scan, fill, create PDF - email to recipient of choice. (Ie: assistant, Conveyancing or compliance officer)
  2. If your office has made it mandatory and is set up on brokerage level, you will simply save form to compliance officer option.
  3. Scan, fill and create PDF to upload to your deal. (For those using a document management system)

Q - Can I search a submitted form for reuse?

A - Not only can you “search previously” submitted forms, Fintracker will notify you if the identification used has expired! Transaction property address will also need to be updated and all other info should be reviewed and verified before submitting.

Q - Will I be charged right away?

A - THE APP IS FREE TO USE FOR THE TIME BEING. You will be prompted to choose monthly subscription or annual subscription in the future.

  • Monthly subscription $4.99/ month plus Gst.
  • Annual subscription $29.99/ year plus Gst.

If you decide the app is not for you, simply uninstall and go back to filling forms manually. Boooo!

Q - Is there a brokerage discount if we sign everyone up?

A - We offer group rates based on 25, 50, 75, 100 plus agents.

National company discounts and board discounts available. (Branding and licence fees are applicable)

Q - When can I get started?

A - NOW!

Q - Is the app monitored by Fintrac?

A - Fintracker is owned and operated by Forward Form Solutions Inc. and not associated with Fintrac or any governing or regulatory body. Our company is committed to ensure the forms used are current and meet all Fintrac requirements under the AML compliance guidelines.

Q - Does this meet CREA requirements or guidelines?

A - Fintracker has licensed the suggested forms, although is not affiliated with CREA nor does CREA endorse our application. We meet all guidelines and requirements for the reporting and storing of the Fintrac forms.

If you have any further questions or concerns, send us a message.