Everything starts with Fintracker.

Together we can digitize forms and create a more efficient industry.


When you use Fintracker there are a many benefits that help you. Here are a few reasons to use Fintracker.


  • Uninterrupted listing or purchase presentations.
  • Completing forms takes seconds, saving agents' time.
  • Retracting information at first contact.


  • Reduces administration / compliance officer stress.
  • Stores information more securely than current system.
  • Forms submitted prior to receiving offer to purchase or listing contract.


  • Ability to audit remotely.
  • Eliminates errors in submission.
  • Database allows cross-referencing and ability to alert governing body when high risk is detected.
  • All information is secured with military grade encryption.
  • Reduces man hours on audits.


  • One tree = 8,000 pieces of paper.
  • Our research indicates that 30-35 million sheets of paper are wasted annually ONLY for FINTRAC reporting.


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